Being a Good Photographer Isn’t Enough Anymore

        When you open one of your social media apps, it seems everyone is a photographer nowadays. And all these photographers are complaining about the amount of work or the fact that other photographers get all the jobs. If you want to build a career as a photographer and actually make a good living, then you need to focus on your branding, there’s no other way.

        Success often has little to do with talent and a lot more to do with personality.

        You don’t have to be super kind if you don’t feel to, but what I mean is that you have to be motivated, adventurous and know what you are doing.

        Make sure you are not only branding your photography work, but also see yourself as a brand. Because there are a lot of good photographers who make the same photos as you do or maybe they are even better – but what makes you unique is you!

        The most clients don’t care how good your technical abilities or theoretical knowledge are, if you don’t get out there and use those skills and that knowledge it won’t matter. So make sure to organize a lot of photoshoots to extend your portfolio and update your website and social media accounts daily or weekly.

        The best way to build trust is to share who you are on your website or social media to make sure the clients trust you and want to work with you before they even met you in real life. Giving glimpses into who I am as a person, allows people to connect with me on a personal level.

        ‘What makes you a good photographer is experiencing life and the world around you and having a story to share with people through your photos.’ – Petapixel

        I also think that when you did a photoshoot for a client with amazing pictures as a result, but you all had a boring day without any connection and fun, the client would probably not tell your name to others because most people remember the experience more than the results. Remember, photography is an emotional buy.

        Also investing a lot of your time in your business helps to make it a succes, that is something I really notice. Also connecting with other creatives on Instagram is something that works well for me to attract new clients!

        How do you brand your photography business?

        Liselotte Fleur


        Guadalupe Parnell

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