From 24mm to 200mm

One of my most populair posts is: The Best Lenses for Fashion Photography. Recently I did the same lens test during a portrait shoot with actrice Eline. We had just a 3 meter distance between us and my camera was on the same settings for every shot. I made the photos with all my lenses, but this post is not about the lens, but about how the focal length looks like.

It’s also good the see how f/2.8 work with a different focal length. In the first picture with a 24mm lens, the background is not very blurred. But when you ‘zoom in’ / change the lens to a 85mm or more the f/2.8 gives the perfect soft background for your portraits. This is also something you can use during your shoots. Personally I love the combination of wide angle shots with a 24 or 35mm lens next to beautiful close-ups with a 85mm till 200mm lens. This makes a fashion or portrait story more interesting to look at.

Give it a try during your next photoshoot!

3 meter distance from camera to model.
camera settings: 1/250 sec – f/2.8 – iso 100