Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

        I discovered this quote on Pinterest ( yes, I’m addicted to collect good quotes all day on my pin board) and I found this one very inspiring! It reminds me of my life as a fashion photographer. I love my job, but of course it can be hard sometimes. A few months a year I’ll earn enough money, but the other months or weeks are harder because the season is over so everyone (brands, shops, designers) already did their new campaign or lookbook shoot. During these moments I’m contacting and meeting with new potential clients, I work more on my blog and social media strategy and I’m organizing fashion and portraits shoots to expand my portfolio even more and to work with my favorite teams.

        If your dreams don’t scare you they arent big enough

        In between these busy days, I’m also thinking about my goals and dreams, both personal als work related. I am a day dreamer and I’m not scared to write down big goals. Actually, that is the secret for me to keep going and not giving up!

        At the moment there are some big projects coming up, but it’s always a bit scary because everything can get cancelled until you receive the call sheet with all the final details.. So for now we just wait and I’m going to create some personal projects to work update my website soon!

        (photo by Joran Looij)

        Liselotte Fleur



        I’m also a day dreamer….:)
        And I’m definitely dreaming bigger this year….


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