Exploring The South Of Italy

I’ve spent the past 2 weeks in the south of Italy; Puglia. It’s ‘the heel of Italy’s boot’ and it was amazing! I read about it in Vogue magazine and after some research we wrote down some beautiful (coastal) towns. Tourists could be counted on one hand, only locals, yeah! There were just 2 things we didn’t like: the heatwave (in combination with a train 2 hours train trip without airconditioning) and the strange bus times why we weren’t able to visit the beaches we had in mind. We visited 8 different places and the other days we enjoyed the beautiful pool at our hotel. Together with my Olympus PEN and iPhone – my phone didn’t survived the trip, but lucky I still have the pictures – I captured the best moments!

Prepare for some Bella Italia posts soon! For a preview, follow me on Instagram @liselottefleur. What would you like to read about my trip?

I’m on my way to Antwerp to enjoy the weekend with my boyfriend. Have a nice weekend!