Essential Gear For Going Pro

        We all know that photography is an expensive hobby, but what products do you need to invest in if you want to go pro? Let’s have a closer look!

        Use the (1.) ExpoDisc to save time editing white balance in photos and videos. Simply place the disc in front of your lens during the white balance process and the colors of your photos will appear much better! If you are traveling often I can imagine don’t prefer a heavy camera bag. My tip for a better editing workflow is to use a (2.) Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet. I don’t even remember how I edited my photos without a Pen Tablet. This (3.) Thule Camera Bag is made for the urban travellers and there is space for a DSLR camera, 2 extra lenses, a tripod and personal gear, what do you need more? A tripod is great for shooting lookbooks for designers and webshops. I decided to go for the (4.) Sirui T2004x Traveller because it’s very stable, compact, lightweight and has many options to use. The (5.) Sirui G-20KX balhead is an extremely sturdy head with separate control knobs for pan, tilt, and tension. The (6.) Giottos Airbomb Big is very useful for blowing dust from a lens or filter. Not much hand pressure is necessary to generate a good burst of air. A must have for outdoor shoots. Did you read my article about with tips on how to use reflectors for better portraits? You can buy cheap reflectors, but you will definitely see the difference with a high-end reflector from brands like SunBounce or this one from (7.) Profoto. Something you might forget, but the (8.) Spyder5 from Datacolor is a must have for professionals! In order to see photos the way they were intended, your monitor needs to be calibrated. Display calibration ensures that what you see is what you get. Something similar to the ExpoDisc, the (9.) Spyder Cube is a smart grey card to make sure your white balance is right in every photo. In combination with the Spyder5, you can’t go wrong! Make sure to store all your photos safely on the (10.) Seagate 1TB HDD Portable Expansion. Also great for photographers on the go because of its small size.

        photography gear essentials

        What are your most used photography tools/gear?


        Liselotte Fleur