Editorial / iNDiViDUALS SS17

        A beautiful SS17 collection of the iNDiViDUALS at AMFI designers.

        Y O U   D O N ’ T   N E E D   T O   S C R E A M   I N   O R D E R   T O   B E   H E A R D

        “In 21 seasons, AMFI reality school brand iNDiViDUALS has become an innovative leading brand in the Dutch fashion industry. The S/S 17 collection was designed, managed and branded by Generation 21. The collection shows a reaction against the loud and aggressive voices that are responding to the many (social) problems currently happening in the world. The brand offered a more mature series of looks with this collection in response to both industry developments and the current Zeitgeist.

        ’’You don’t need to scream in order to be heard.” Inspired by the toughness and aggression of the hooligan and the statement iNDiViDUALS wants to make this year, a transition from a harsh to calmed strength is seen. The show opened with colours as ‘unmistakable black’ and ‘confident yellow’. These gradually run into a palette of soft colours as ‘composed grey’, ‘comfortable nude’ and ‘thoughtful white’. Resulting in forming a fresh collection with soft round shapes, matte finishes and exquisite embroideries. Together with their own take on tracksuit characteristics the collection shows the deliberate and delicate strength of the iNDiViDUALS’ muse. A reoccurring favourite is embroidered mesh; the sporty references of the hooligan and the refined embroidery of a romantic dress combined in one fabric.

        From the first look, a dark ‘unmistakable black’ combination of pieces to the last transparent outfit with white embroideries, models were made up to look fresh, almost straight from the sauna style glow while hair was slick and uninterrupted. The closing look was translating the concept at its finest; an explicit look in a transparent fabric, embroidered to perfection. Show stealers were the garments that featured the all-over print; personal scratches hand drawn by all members of the iNDiViDUALS team.”

        amfi individuals 0

        amfi individuals 5

        amfi individuals 4

        amfi individuals 6

        amfi individuals 1

        amfi individuals 2

        amfi individuals 7

        amfi individuals 3

        photography: Liselotte Fleur
        fashion designers: iNDiViDUALS at AMFI
        art direction: Madiana Macauley
        makeup and hair: Melani @ Colourfool Agency
        models: Evrienne Wish
        Josja Dijkshoorn


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        Liselotte Fleur