DIY Reflector For €3 In Just 3 Minutes

A while ago I wrote a post about How To Use A Reflector For Better Portraits, but what if you don’t want to spend the money, but you do want to use a reflecor? Make it yourself for less than €3 euro in just 3 minutes!

What do you need?

1. Paperboard
2. Aluminium Foil
3. Scotch Tape

How does it work?

Simply make strokes with the aluminium foil over the paperboard and tape it at the backside. Done! During these shots there was not so much light coming from the window, but we definitely noticed the difference! In the photos below you will see the reflector (and the window) in her eyes. If you want to save money, or if you are just starting in photography, I can recommend to make a reflector yourself!

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