Is It December Already?

        Can’t believe it’s December already. I did some nice shoots in November, from commercial to charity shoots to portfolio work. Time for a little update.

        A special shoot was the assignment I did together with Eric. We captured the BMW event where they showed The 8 Serie to the press at Maison Moët. The press that joined this event, were the magazines I really like so for me it was nice to meet and see these people. Eric made the video and I did all the photography. If you would like to see the results, click here to go to my website. I hope we can do a lot more shoots together in the upcoming year. Actually, we still have another BIG campaign next week!

        Another unexpected but great thing is that Cambridge University asked for the permission of 1 of my blog posts to use for their students. I’m always impressed by how many emails or Instagram messages I receive about this blog. It motivates me to spent more time on my blog in 2019.

        It’s almost Christmas, what also means that it is almost my birthday as well. Last year we went to London and we enjoyed the days before Christmas so much that we decided to make a citytrip again, but this time we will go to Paris! I only went to Paris twice a few years ago to visit ‘Paris Photo’, a huge photo fair that always take place in November.
        I’m still in doubt in which camera I should bring to this trip, I’m even thinking to capture some shots with the Leica CL, a 35mm film camera. We will see!

        Nelson also published our latest studio shoot on their website and folder! I also spotted some of these photos in the stores. Click here to see more photos on my website.

        I also captured a new fashion story during a very cold and cloudy day. I’m looking forward to share the editorial with you, hopefully later this month. Everything was shot with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV + Sigma Art 35mm and 85mm f/1.4.

        Coming soon!

        Liselotte Fleur