Creating A Vintage Photo With A Digital Camera

        I love my old 35mm film camera’s and my lomography camera, but it always takes a lot of time (and money) to process the photos before they are scanned to digital photos on my computer. I know it’s worth it because the quality and feel of these photos is priceless, but when I discovered the Holga 60mm F/8.0 lens for Canon DSLR a few years ago, I had to try it!

        The Fashion Camera

        At that time I worked at a photography store and the lenses were sold for just 10 euros. The Lo-Fi effect is fun to play around with if you don’t want to create the perfect sharp image. The sharpness can be found in the middle, the more you go to the edges, the more softer it get because of the plastic nature of the lens. You have to work with the manual photos, and please make sure to use this lens during the day with plenty of light! During a sunny day in Antwerp I borrowed my boyfriends camera (Canon EOS 1100D) and I captured some buildings. It was pretty hard to focus because I didn’t see a lot trough the viewfinder. I had to use a high ISO to create a good photo, but for this vintage shot, I don’t see the noise as a problem! It is a fun lens to walk around with but I’m sure how it will turn out for portraits or fashion shoots since it’s really hard to focus. But maybe I should give it a try the next time! What do you think?

        Tech Specs:
        Effective Focal Length: 60mm
        Aperture: Fixed f/8
        Focus: Manual Zone Focus
        Lens Type: Plastic
        Dimensions: 38 x 57mm
        Weight: 38g

        Tried & Tested in Antwerp.

        The Fashion Camera The Fashion Camera The Fashion Camera The Fashion Camera The Fashion Camera The Fashion Camera The Fashion Camera

        Do you own the Holga Lens? And do you use if often?

        Liselotte Fleur