Crazy Times

        It’s been a strange month for everyone and I can’t believe how much the coronavirus changed our lives. My latest photo job was in February, the Lisbon trip with Nelson Shoes and we didn’t realize how serious this situation would be. Of course I’m really looking forward to go back to work again, but I’m sure this will take a while, and that’s okay. Safety first.

        I’m happy that I have my book to sell in my own webshop, so I can earn just a little bit of money and I really enjoy to do this. It takes some time to process the orders, buy and print the address labels, write a personal note, package the books and bring them to the post office. But since I don’t have any jobs at the moment, I have a lot of time to do this right now and it feels good to focus on this.

        The book is also the reason that I stay happy and positive during this time, because I receive so many sweet messages and positive reviews on a daily base. Everyone seems to enjoy the book and I’m so happy that my hard work pays off!

        At the moment I’m updating my website, working on new concepts for future shoots, creating IGTV’s, shooting stills instead of models, working on digital 1-on-1 sessions with other photographers, selling my book, decoration our home, enjoying the time with our puppy, and other things.

        Some days I’m really motived to work and I feel positive, other days I feel overwhelmed by this situation and I don’t know what to do. What about you?

        Stay safe & creative!

        Liselotte Fleur