Campaign Shoot for AMKINA

Recently I did a campaign shoot for fashion designers Ovan & Marije, their new brand is called AMKINA. We worked with a great team at a beautiful location during this day! It was not an very easy shoot because of the light in the castle. It was very dark, but I really wanted to work with daylight because most of the times with flash light the ambiance of a castle is completely gone. Luckily there was some sunlight even now and then and we are all happy with the results, but I had to work with a high ISO around 5000. I’m used to work with a super high quality but this time I noticed the noise in the photos. What I want to say is: I think it’s more important to capture the story and feeling with a little less quality, then a super high quality photo with no story at all. And for internet use, you probably don’t even see where I’m talking about :)

photography: Liselotte Fleur
fashion design: Amkina
hair and makeup: Elise Langenhuisen