Campaign for Danya Weevers

A few weeks ago I captured the new collection of fashion designer Danya Weevers together with makeup artist Joyce Clerkx, hairstylist Eduard Meijerink and three girls represented by Max Models. First we shot the lookbook, very clean and basic with my Profoto D1 flashlight, and later we shot the campaign with daylight and more movements. Have a look at the results and at the behind the scenes photos!


danya-weevers-liselottefleur09 danya-weevers-liselottefleur012 danya-weevers-liselottefleur03 danya-weevers-liselottefleur011 danya-weevers-liselottefleur06 danya-weevers-liselottefleur05 danya-weevers-liselottefleur013 danya-weevers-liselottefleur010 danya-weevers-liselottefleur02 danya-weevers-liselottefleur04

And watch the behind the scenes photos below, made by my intern Kirby Beuk!

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