Big Shoot + Vacation Time

        This Saturday I’m preparing for a big campaign shoot that will take place this Monday and has to be finished on Tuesday because I’m going to Italy the day after! I’m very excited to work on this shoot because it’s a very talented team and I really like the vibe we are going for. It’s a combination of studio and location and it totally suits my style. Make sure to follow me on Instagram where I will share some behind the scene shots during the day. I’m very happy that hired a photography assistent because we have to capture a lot of accessoires and we have to move from location to location all the time, so without a good assistent it’s almost impossible. I also hired the Canon 50mm f/1.2 because I don’t have a 50mm at the moment. Of course I will also bring my other lenses and equipment! That’s all I can share for now!

        Sunday I’ll probably visit the Fotografica in Doesburg, an outdoor market for old/vintage cameras. I love to collect film cameras for decoration as you can see in the photos below, but actually I should use them more… I’m also packing my bags for my vacation in Italy, can’t wait!

        This or next week I’ll upload a new blogpost with a video where I will tell everything about how to use a reflector for better portraits! Stay tuned.

        Enjoy your weekend!

        Camera bag: Pompidoo Bags
        Beauty products: L’Oreal
        Instagram: @liselottefleur

        Liselotte Fleur




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