Behind The Scenes – Juno & Jade

        Last week I worked with two teams on two fashion shoots to expand our portfolio’s. For both shoots I asked two photographers to join us to capture a behind the scenes story for this blog, so here it is! During both shoots I worked with the same equipment: The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV + Sigma Art 35mm, 50mm and 85mm f/1.4. During the shoot with model Jade, we captured 4 outfits in the studio and 4 on location. In the studio I worked with my Profoto D1 500ws Kit + the Octa 5″ and a striplight. On location I worked with the Profoto reflector L. During the shoot with Juno I only worked with the available daylight.

        Let’s start with the shoot of model Juno that was captured by Julia Dongstra. Thanks to the team: styling by Iris Meinderstma and hair and makeup by Wouter van Schaaijk.

        And the shoot of Jade, captured by student Indy Soemodihardjo. Thanks to the team: styling by Bernadette van Wijlen and hair and makeup by Hanan Chahid.

        I will share the results when I’m able to publish them! I hope you enjoyed to see this behind the scenes story.

        Liselotte Fleur


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        Best way to capture the moments


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