Behind The Scenes – Dream Came True

        Last week was very special for me! If you follow me on Instagram (@liselottefleur) you know where I’m talking about :) I’ll tell you why: I was contacted by a new swimwear brand to capture their first collection. They wanted to create a campaign shoot in Portugal for 4 days and a lookbook/webshop shoot in the studio in Antwerp.

        It was absolutely not my first shoot in another country, but it was my first commercial shoot in another country that made it very exciting for me. Also because I was able to shoot both the campaign and lookbook shoot for this brand!

        We worked with a very nice team and the locations were amazing! We stayed in a beautiful Villa in the Algarve and because we had a little fire we had to move to two other villa’s. The third was amazing! I never experienced such a luxury like this. I was so thankful for all these moments.

        For this shoot I bought some new equipment like the Sigma Art 50mm f/1.4 (finally!) and the Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 G2. I also worked with a new reflector, the Profoto Sunlight/White L. The other lenses I used where the Sigma Art 35mm and the 85mm. We had 4 days in Portugal, 2 days of traveling and preparing and two days with the models. The first day it was really cloudy and windy (poor models) and the second day there was more sunlight. The client preferred to only use daylight and a reflector, so it really suits my style of photography.

        I can’t tell and show too much because we have to wait for the launch on May 17th in Brussels. But there are some photos and outfits that were shared on social media before, so let’s have a look at the snapshots below! Captured with the Olympus Pen and iPhone 8 Plus.

        Soon more…

        Studio shoot in Antwerp

        Liselotte Fleur


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