Behind The Scenes – Charity Shoot

Today I did a shoot for a Dutch Charity called: Face This. Normally they create t-shirts, but this time they created sweaters and I’m happy to worked with them on this project to capture these men and women sweaters.

“Face This T-shirts are creative T-shirt collaborations between awesome artists and Indonesian school kids. With our T-shirts we empower school kids throughout Indonesia to improve their own education. Because all the proceeds of our T-shirts are being used to improve the schools of the kids.”

Check their website to read their story and visit the webshop:

On a cold but sunny Sunday morning we worked with Marieke @ De Boekers and male model Sander. They both worked before with Face This and I really appreciate that they were able to join this shoot again.

If you scroll down, you can also see the results!

The results: