Behind The Scenes – 35mm Only

Yesterday I captured a new fashion story on location. It was super cold but the sunlight is amazing in winter! We worked for a fashion stylist who created this colorful Spring concept and luckily she arranged a taxi to drive us between the locations and her house to change the outfits. This really helped to make sure it was not too bad the model.

It was quite an international team, The model was Faye @ Elite Model Management (Dutch), the stylist Caterina Ghini from Greece, makeup by Brigitta Danastri from Indonesia and the hair by Ava Chen from China.

I always pick a few lenses before I go the shoot, and this time I decided to go for the Sigma ART 35mm f/1.4 and the Canon 100mm f/2.8 L, but I ended up using only the 35mm because I preferred to show the locations to make it more a story. With the 100mm the background would be blurred too much. It was also way to cold to switch between lenses, I didn’t want the model to wait so we just shoot a few minutes for each outfit, we had 11 outfits to capture before sunset so no time to lose :)