Analog Vibes

        Recently I rediscovered my analog camera; the Leica CL with a 40mm f/2.0 lens. I already used this camera as an ‘extra’ during 4 shoots, 2 in Ibiza and two in my own country. I used to shoot a lot with a 35mm film camera during my time at the Art Academy, where I graduated 6 years ago. I developed my own black and white film and scanned the images myself, that was such an amazing experience! Nowadays I don’t have acces to a dark room and I don’t have a good scanner anymore, so I go to the local photography store where they have multiple options for developing analog images. I captured everything on Kodak Gold 200, but I already bought Kodak Afra 160 and 400 for my upcoming shoots! Below I will show you some results (not edited):

        Another option to try something new on your digital camera is to use an analog lens (with an adapter). I did this a few years ago with Pentax lenses of my grandpa, I hope I can find the lenses and adapter again so I can show and tell you more about this!

        My boyfriend just bought the Russian lens ‘Helios-44-2’ 58mm f/2.0, this lens is great for a beautiful depth of field and bokeh. He captured these pictures of me when the lens just arrived to see the results:

        Liselotte Fleur


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        These are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t believe these aren’t edited. I will have to look into this camera..