About Last Weekend

        Last weekend I enjoyed working on amazing locations (at the airport, a helipad, a hotelroom and wonderful nature) Sunday it was time to relax and start the day with a fresh workout in the woods. Have a look at my little photo diary!

        On Friday I captured the collection of fashion designer Anne Fleur, we shot at 2 incredible locations. To start with a very new building, as you can see in the picture below. To enter the building we had to wear these pretty yellow boots size 45, a red helmet and jacket.. We had so much fun, a good start of the day!

        the fashion camera the fashion camera

        Look at this view!

        the fashion camera the fashion camerathe fashion camera

        We shot 4 outfits at this place and then we went to the next location. A very new hotel next to the airport.

        the fashion camera

        The view from the hotelroom. When the model saw this; she said it would be great to take a picture next to airplane, we agreed but everyone knows how difficult this is because of the security rules. 5 minutes later, after some phone calls, we went to the airport and the model and I where able to get our shot! Wow this was a nice experience enter the security/douane check for the airport/cabin crew and avoid the big line of tourists.

        the fashion camera

        I asked the boy from the airport who helped us to take a backstage picture with my phone, and here it is haha.

        the fashion camera

        The other location was a helipad. So cool! And windy…

        the fashion camera the fashion camera the fashion camera

        Saturday I captured the collection of fashion designer Rachel Prijs. A big contrast of the locations from the day before. This is also why I love my job so much :)

        the fashion camera

        I worked with Silke, the model, before during this studio shoot, so it was good to work with her again on a different concept.

        the fashion camera the fashion camera

        Evie and Silke @ Future Faces, pretty girls. We had a fun day!

        the fashion camera

        Sunday morning I did a workout with my boyfriend in the woods. I loved the fresh air during the parcours with 16 different obstacles.

        IMG_4825 IMG_4823 Untitled-1 IMG_4821

        How was your weekend?

        Liselotte Fleur



        Wat een prachtige locaties zeg!!

        Love all the behind the scenes photos. Looks like you got to go to some cool locations!

        The Runaway Journal

        Liselotte Fleur · The Fashion Camera

        Thanks girls! Can’t wait to show you the results. X

        Wauw, wat een fantastische locaties!

        A helipad?! How cool is that. What a unique shot to take some photos. :]

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