A Studied Nonchalance

        I love the new collection of fashion designer Marije Graafsma, she used Italy as a big source of inspiration.

        We shot this in a cute village in Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands. It was a perfect location because there where a lot of white houses so the clothes will really stand out in the pictures. Unfortunately, I was quite sick that day, but it was a very good distraction to have those beautiful models in front of my camera! 

        Marije Graafsma: “As inspiration for my collection I used the aspect of the performance of your identity. My collection tells the story about the fact that I don’t feel Fries but Italian, even though my roots are in Friesland. With this as a base I started to build my collection. This resulted in a combination of the down to earth mentality that is so well-known in Friesland and the typical Italian elegance. The collection is based on the sprezzatura. Sprezzatura is the art of wearing something seemingly effortlessly, a studied nonchalance. It is all about the small details and how it is worn.”

        ‘Your dream of where or who you want to be is your biggest force.’

        fashion design: Marije Graafsma
        mua: Effi van Swaal
        models: Lara @ Elvis Models
        Mierijn @ ANKA Model Management

        Liselotte Fleur


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        Tucker Tucker

        A Studied Nonchalance” refers to an artful blend of casual elegance and deliberate indifference, a demeanor that conceals meticulous preparation and skill. This intriguing concept mirrors the essence of a virtual magic show where magicians, with their studied nonchalance, captivate audiences through screens with their effortless gestures and enigmatic smiles. Despite the digital barrier, these performers weave spells of wonder and amazement, leaving spectators in awe of their craft. Just like a masterful magician’s ability to maintain composure while pulling off breathtaking tricks, the notion of a studied nonchalance underscores the artistry and finesse that lie beneath the surface of seemingly effortless performances, making the virtual magic show a fascinating and enigmatic experience for viewers around the world.