A Studied Nonchalance

I love the new collection of fashion designer Marije Graafsma, she used Italy as a big source of inspiration.

We shot this in a cute village in Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands. It was a perfect location because there where a lot of white houses so the clothes will really stand out in the pictures. Unfortunately, I was quite sick that day, but it was a very good distraction to have those beautiful models in front of my camera! 

Marije Graafsma: “As inspiration for my collection I used the aspect of the performance of your identity. My collection tells the story about the fact that I don’t feel Fries but Italian, even though my roots are in Friesland. With this as a base I started to build my collection. This resulted in a combination of the down to earth mentality that is so well-known in Friesland and the typical Italian elegance. The collection is based on the sprezzatura. Sprezzatura is the art of wearing something seemingly effortlessly, a studied nonchalance. It is all about the small details and how it is worn.”

‘Your dream of where or who you want to be is your biggest force.’

photography: www.liselottefleur.com
fashion design: Marije Graafsma
mua: Effi van Swaal
models: Lara @ Elvis Models
Mierijn @ ANKA Model Management