6x Inspiration

A few months ago I decided to collect all the beautiful pictures I could find.  I’m addicted to black & white and all these pictures made my addiction even bigger! For this inspiration post I selected 6 pictures from Pinterest and I wish they were mine..

The picture above is lovely, very cool background to shoot your product photos! And remember: you NEVER have enough black shoes. :)

Source: Stylismoblog

A very big motivation to keep my closet clean and organized. A walk in closet is the dream of every girl, right?

Source: Homevialaura

A very original idea for cute white flowers!

Source: Pinterest

I never been in New York and I can’t wait to go there soon. This apartment would be perfect for me as a daylight lover/photographer..

Source: Pinterest

I like ear piercings, at the moment I have the normal ear piercing in the bottom of the ear and the tragus piercing, at the left very close to the face. But actually I’m interested in the helix too (right above).

Let’s finish this post with a inspiring quote. I believe in this for 100%. That’s why I decided at a young age to study photography and just go for it to chase my dreams. I’m still very happy with this decision.

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