4 Models I Captured Before They Were Famous

        Back in 2014 I worked with these four Dutch models, not much later they showed up in high-end magazines, campaigns and shows world wide. They are each very sweet girls and it was a pleasure to work with them on their book. In this post I show you a few of my photos when I captured them two years ago and a few pictures of the magazines and shows were they are working for right now, impressive!


        Vera van Erp was one of the models for the AMFI iNDiViDUALS  lookbook shoots I did in Januari 2014. She was very easy to work with and one year later, she asked me to work with her on a shoot where she did the styling for, she was a fashion student at the AMFI too. It was a real fun day and I think she is very unique and beautiful, both before and behind the camera! At this moment she is at the cover at the September Issue of the Vogue NL. Her personal style is very inspiring too, keep an eye on her! She is signed at CODE Management.

        The Fashion Camera

        Now:The Fashion Camera


        When I worked with Estella, she just came back from traveling around the world for her modeling jobs. With our team we decided it would be cool for the concept to draw a lot of freckles on her face. It really suited her. She has a beautiful and strong face and every shot we did was awesome! She is signed at iD Management.


        The Fashion Camera

        Now:The Fashion Camera


        I worked with Nina in 2013 and in 2014, and both shoots were fun and inspiring. Nina is a sweet and hard working girl, that’s how we like it! The photos below were made in the winter when it was freezing outside and she didn’t complain at all. We had so much respect for her and we tried to work very fast. You really should check her portfolio at her agency in New York, amazing work! She is signed at Human Models.


        The Fashion Camera Now:The Fashion Camera


        Kiki Willems came to my (ex)apartment in Delft and we had a nice conversation about modeling before we started shooting. We wanted to create a very natural shoot without makeup or styling. It was one of her first shoots and I remember I was so surprised by her great poses. A real talent. It did not surprised me to saw her growing real quick when I followed her modeling journey on Facebook. Soon she showed up in the Saint Laurent campaign and she worked for other big brands. So proud! She is signed at IMG Management.


        The Fashion Camera

        Now:The Fashion Camera

         I wish these girls all the best in their modeling career and it would be a pleasure to work with them in the future again!

        Liselotte Fleur




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