3 Beauty Looks To Try – By Makeup Artist Felicia Williams

Make-up artist Felicia Williams shows us three different beauty looks you’ll love, along with the products needed to create each!

During every photo shoot I really enjoy to see how the makeup artist do their magic. I learned so much while watching how they apply their makeup products. Besides this, I’m also impressed by their luggage that is full packed with the best makeup brands and the prettiest colors. (I WANT IT ALL) A while ago shot a few beauty shots with makeup artist Felicia Williams and model Ella Dieke @ Elite Model Management. I asked Felicia if she could share the products she used, so she did! She even made a picture of the products for you to get a better impression!

Let’s have a look!

Felicia Williams:

For these 3 looks I’ve used the following base products:

* Dermalogica moisturiser
* Shu Uemura for glow
* MakeUp Studio and MakeUp Forever concealer
* MakeUp Forever foundation
* MAC translucent and shape powder
* Illamasqua concealer pencil and brow gel
* MakeUp Studio mascara


Look 1:
liselottefleur-feliciawilliams-1 liselottefleur-feliciawilliams-2

To create the dark lips and a natural face I used:

* Viseart eye shadow
* MAC eye shadow, blush, pigment, highlighter and lipstick
* MakeUp Studio eye brow powder


Look 2:
liselottefleur-feliciawilliams-3 liselottefleur-feliciawilliams-4

Purple eyeshadow and pretty blue eyes! For this look I used the following products:

* Viseart and MakeUp Forever eye shadow
* MAC pigment and highlighter
* Kiko eye liner
* Bodyshop blush
* OCC lip tar


Look 3:

* Viseart, MAC, ELF and MakeUp Forever eyeshadow
* Lancôme kohl pencil
* MAC shape
* Max Factor blush


“It was a pleasure doing a beauty shoot with Liselotte behind the camera and Ella Dieke in front of it!”

Product shots by Felicia Williams / beauty shots by Liselotte Fleur / model Ella Dieke @ Elite Model Management.