2016 Favorites And 2017 Resolutions

        As a tradition, I write down every year about my favorites and resolutions. Here a throw back to My 2014 favorites and 2015 resolutions and My 2015 favorites and 2016 resolutions.


        My Own Studio + Working With Interns

        the fashion camera

        2016 is the year where I opened my own workspace / photography studio in the centre of Rotterdam by the end of January. I also started working with interns. I worked with Kirby, Nienke and Klaudia, three sweet girls who are going to graduate for photography in 2017! It is awesome to really go to work every day instead of working from home and to talk about new ideas and shoots with my interns.

        Giving Lectures

        lezingThis year I also did something I never expected I would do. I gave 2 lectures about photography for Kamera Express! The first big lecture was all about fashion photography and it was a pleasure to talk about my job for around 80 or 90 other photographers! The second lecture was smaller and it was about style within photography, in collaboration with Olympus. In 2017 I will focus more on workshops, because I think it’s great when the photographers can use and try the tips right away!

        10 Years Of Photography

        The Fashion Camera

        This year I’m turning 25, what means that I’m into fashion and portrait photography for already 10 year! I also bought a new camera, the Canon 5D Mark IV. My new love!

        The Fashion Camera


        I also did many photoshoots and I published a lot of them on this blog. I’m grateful for all the collaboration I did with all kind of creative professionals. I also worked a lot on this blog and it is so cool to see the statics growing every month! If you have any suggestions for blog posts, collaborations or other ideas, please get in touch

        Two travels To Bella Italia

        The Fashion Camera

        If you are following this blog, you may noticed I’m visiting Italy at least once a year. This year I went to time, first to Tuscany and Cinque Terre, and at the end of the summer to Puglia. Italy is such a beautiful country that keeps surprising me!

        My Favorite Editorial

        The Fashion Camera

        My favorite editorial was the shoot I did with Rianne Boon and Elise Langenhuisen, I love working with these creative girls. We always have a lot of fun and we have the same style and ideas. A great base for a good fashion shoot! I hope to create even more editorials and commercial shoots with these ladies in 2017! And we are even talking about traveling to another country for fashion shoots, let’s see how this will turn out :)

        a Shout-out to…

        I also would like to give a shout-out to Rianne Boon (stylist) and Elise Langenhuisen (makeup artist) also for their great work, but especially for their support, lovely words and for all the fun times we have during photoshoots and in our group chat! I’m very excited to create even more fashion editorials in 2017 with you girls and I wish you all the best and luck for the new year! And let’s make the work-travel we are talking about every time!


        The Fashion Camera

        My resolutions, plans and WISHES for this year:

        – Focusing even more on this blog and social media.
        – Giving fashion photography workshops.
        – Starting to make another dream come true: writing my own book, about photography of course. This is a plan for the upcoming years.
        – Doing more commercial shoots for fashion brands.
        – Traveling to New York to create photo shoots like I did in LA.

        In Januari I will capture the biggest assignment ever! I can’t tell you more about this but it’s huge :) To be continued!

        The Fashion Camera

        Looking forward to 2017 and I wish you all the best! What are your resolutions?

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        Liselotte Fleur