2015 Favorites + 2016 Resolutions

        Last year I wrote a post about my 2014 favorites and 2015 resolutions and I would like to do this again for 2016.


        This Year’s Favorites

        2015 was a great year for my photography business, I did a lot of photography jobs. For Elle, Glamour & Jan Magazine, Lone Wolf Magazine, Mayke Shoeheaven, Pauline van Dongen, Alexandra Frida, Negin Mirsalehi and many more. I was signed with a photography agency, HMS Amsterdam and I really enjoyed to work with their other talents and I would like to thank my agent Alexandra Leijs for the collaboration and your support! For the new year I have to find a new agency because HMS will stop. This will be my first goal for the new year!

        One of my favorite editorials was for Design Scene, made with a lovely team on location.


        My 2 seconds of fame at MTV! Smiling to a girl who made a selfie at the Olympus stand during the ILOVEFASHIONBLOGGERS event at May 30.


        I love Italy! This summer I’ve spent 2 weeks in Puglia, the south of Italy and I wrote 2 travel diaries on my blog! I want to go every year at least once to Italy so let’s see what part of Italy I will explore in 2016!


        A few months ago the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad called me for a little interview and it was nice to see the results. They asked me about Los Angeles and my experience as a young fashion photographer.

        From September till December I was living my dream in California! I wrote many blog posts about this trip on my blog. It was very special for me to travel on my own. It was my first time in the United States, of course I did a lot of photoshoots. The golden light during sunset was amazing! This was my highlight of 2015!



        And of course I have goals for the new year!

        I would like to sign with a good photography agency to reach more clients and do even more commercials assignments.

        Make some inspiring travels, probably in Europe. Hopefully I’ll do a photography job in another country.

        Printed publications in fashion magazines.

        Working with even more creative talents, makeup artists, stylists and models.

        My next dream is to live on my own (or with my boyfriend) and to have my own little office/workspace.
        So excited to decorate an inspring place where I can work behind my own desk. Having my own photography studio is a long term goal because it would be easy to organize more shoots and do and create more jobs.
        I also receive a lot of emails from young girls who are applying for an internship with me, so when I have my own workspace, this would be possible!

        Since I’m doing photography as a full time job, I would love to spend more time in this blog and create new ideas and content, maybe even in Dutch.

        liselotte fleur photography

        2016 will start with my first Ski Holiday (Winter Sports) ever! In Zillertal in Austria together with my Olympus PEN I’ll capture this little adventure.

        Looking forward to 2016 and I wish you all the best! What are your resolutions?

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        Liselotte Fleur