2014 Favorites + 2015 Resolutions

        As the final post of this year, I’d like to look back at some of my highlights and tell you about my goals for 2015! All photography related of course :)


        Besides Chapter Friday and my other job at Kamera Express I didn’t stop with my photography business of course! I did a lot of photo shoot this year and I feel I improved my style. My goal for this year was to experience more with studio photography, and I definitely did!

        Since the first of September I’m part of the Chapter Friday team as a photography intern. This blog is an online toolkit to an awesome and successful life, curated by Yara Michels. I already followed here since her blog was called ‘This Chick Got Style’ and it’s amazing to be part of the new concept (Chapter Friday) now. I’ll create all the pictures there till the end of January. The office is located in Amsterdam, and I’m in love with this city, it makes me smile every time again! The moments when all the team members (Yara, Marijn, Judith and me) are in the office are the best!


        The post I like creating the most are the photography tips and the behind the scenes stories!

        portrait lenses

        This year I invested again in professional equipment. To start with the Profoto D1 500w studio kit with the Octa 5″ softbox, I’m so happy with these beautiful lights! I’m looking forward to improve my studio photography even more and experiment a lot with my two D1 monolights and Profoto lightools.

        As you probably noticed, I’m an Olympus ambassador. For my blog and travels I use the Olympus PEN E-PL7. This is a compact system camera made from premium metal with a leather-look and eye-catching grip. The perfectly slim size makes it easy to carry this camera always and everywhere. (Don’t miss any spontaneous moment anymore!) Personally I don’t like to walk with a heavy DSLR all day long, so this a great solution. A nice feature on the PEN is the WiFi feature to connect with my smartphone. It is easy to transfer the photos straight on to my phone. Hey super quality Instagram and Facebook pics! And last but not least, I also fell in love with the white retro design. For the best results I use three prime lenses: 17mm, 25mm and 45mm. All with f/1.8. In december we had a great ambassadors diner. It was very nice to meet the Olympus team and the other photographers and bloggers. I hope there will be more meetings in 2015!

        Other products that I would like to mention are the Sunbounce Micro Mini Silver, the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART for my Canon full-frame camera and, the Savage Universal backdrops for in the studio.

        There were some cool publication that I would like to mention. The Fashion Photography Exhibition during the Malta Fashion Week in May, two spreads in Kiekie Krant #4, two spreads in Photo Digitaal Magazine in October, the cover of NRC Carrière an interview at the website of HP/De Tijd and they chose my work as one of the best artists they interviewed and showcased in 2014. And not to forget the fashion websites where my editorials are published.

        malta fashion week exhibition

        Visit my website to see my favorite editorials! For me it’s important to keep my website always up-to-date. Most of the time, I like my recent work the most. I am happy my style changed a bit since I left the Art Academy.


        In March and May I visited Rome, Italy. The first time I went for 2 weeks, because besides the city trip I also organized some photo shoots with a model agency and a fashion designer. It was an amazing trip, I went with a friend from Holland who I met in Perugia when we both studied the Italian language at the University in 2011. After this language course she went to Rome, so she knows every place in this city. We slept in the same student house with other Dutch people who are working or studying now in Rome. It was a very lovely journey!

        During the summer (I know, that wasn’t the first thing you expected when you saw the picture below..) I went to Austria with my boyfriend, I’ve never been there before but he loves this place and he wanted to show me! I’m happy he did, because it was very beautiful and different then we places I went before! During this holiday, I heard I got accepted as the photographer for Chapter Friday. So I wasn’t sad to go back after one week because there was waiting a new challenge for me! More pictures? You can find it here.


        And of course I have goals for the new year!

        I would like to sign in with a good photography agency to reach more clients and do more commercials assignments. I can’t wait to be represented by an agency and I hope 2015 is the right time for me!

        It’s like a dream to have an awesome publication in a well known fashion magazine.

        This year I hope to work at a big assignment (or shooting a cool editorial) in another country.

        The Olympus PEN will be always in my bag to capture the best and spontaneous moments!

        I want bring my photography to the next level, I will invest more time in this blog and I will kick of in January with creating a new portfolio book!


        Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook page for the latest updates!

        Liselotte Fleur



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        your photography and blog are aboslutely stunning! i wish you so much luck in 2015! id love it if youd comment back xx