New Photography Equipment For Outdoor Shoots

Personally, I think it is good to invest every now and then in new photography equipment. In December I bought professional studio flash lights from Profoto and it’s still a pleasure to work with this amazing studio kit! This time of the year I definitely prefer to work on location with natural light, so it was time to invest in the best ND filter, a tripod, a ballhead and an air blower to remove dust from my lens!

A tripod is great for shooting lookbooks for designers and webshops. But a tripod can also be useful for outdoor shoots. I have to admit I didn’t own a tripod before because I love to walk around the model with the camera in my hands. But sometimes I just need a tripod, so here it (finally) is! I decided to go for the Sirui T2004x Traveller because it’s very stable, compact, lightweight and has many options to use. The Sirui G-20KX balhead I choose is an extremely sturdy head with separate control knobs for pan, tilt, and tension. The bag is included with the tripod to give the right protection. I think this is a great tripod set for my type of photography!


I heard about the brand Lee Filters before, because they produce the best filters. Each resin filter is handmade by their technicians and then passed through rigorous quality control to ensure 100% accuracy and precision. After a small research I decided to go for the Lee Filters ND Graduated 0.6 Soft. I would like to see a beautiful sky in my pictures without using Photoshop. Soft grads perform best in places where is no definite transition between sky and foreground, and they will gently balance exposure across the image. With a Soft grad there is a very soft gradient between ND dark glass and clear glass, as you can see in the picture below. To use this filter on my camera, I bought a Stealth Gear Adapter ring Z Pro 67 mm to fit on my Sigma 35mm F/1.4 ART lens. When I want to use the filter with another lens, I only have to buy a new adapter ring, and everything will work again. The filter adapter is attached to the Stealth Gear Z-Holder. The Stealth Gear Filter Holder is almost the same as the Lee Filters Foundation Kit, but the Stealth Gear is a little bit cheaper :)


And the Giottos Airbomb Big is very useful for blowing dust from a lens or filter. Not much hand pressure is necessary to generate a good burst of air. A must have!


Tomorrow and the day after I will have exciting photo shoots on beautiful locations, so I can’t wait to use my new gear! Do you use a tripod or ND filters?