Miel & Julia

Last week I had a nice collaboration with fashion designers Ilona Simons (menswear) and Domino Vugts (womenswear). Together with the two models Miel and Julia @ Touche Model Management and makeup artist Myra Pesch we went to a great location were we captured a few outfits.

I used the daylight and played with the shadows. It was the perfect shoot to use my new Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 II lens because I was able capture a wide shot of the location at 24mm and at the other moment I could to take a close portrait shot at 50 or 70mm. Please have a look at this story!

fashion camera liselottefleur-dominovugts-01 liselottefleur-ilonasimons-16 liselottefleur-dominovugts-10 liselottefleur-dominovugts-04 liselottefleur-ilonasimons-04 liselottefleur-ilonasimons-17 liselottefleur-dominovugts-13 liselottefleur-dominovugts-08 Untitled-3 liselottefleur-dominovugts-12 liselottefleur-dominovugts-02 liselottefleur-ilonasimons-18 fashion camera liselottefleur-ilonasimons-08 liselottefleur-ilonasimons-14

photography: Liselotte Fleur
fashion designers: Ilona Simons (menswear) & Domino Vugts (womenswear)
models: Miel and Julia @ Touche Model Management
makeup and hair: Myra Pesch