L.A. Series • Stefanie

I met Stefanie Vinsel at the birthday party of my friend Jessica, the girl where I share the apartment with during my stay in Los Angeles. I loved her style and when I discovered she is a photographer too, I had to ask her to be one of my models for my LA series. Stefanie is 26 years old and originally from Ohio. Because she loves to work on location too, she knows some cool locations around LA. We went on a little road trip with a car filled of clothes and 4 camera’s. 2 Hours before sunset we arrived at Mt Baldy and I was very impressed by the beauty of the location. The sun was already behind the hills so we had to hurry to capture a few outfits before it would be to dark. We drove to another spot after every outfit and the most beautiful place was the location where we watched the sunset. At that spot she also captured me with her digital- and film camera. She is so talented! By the end of the day we were both happy with the results. We had dinner and enjoyed the best cookie ice cream with Jessica at our apartment. A day to remember! Have a look at the portraits of Stefanie!

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photography: Liselotte Fleur
model: Stefanie Vinsel

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