Colorful Venice

On Monday morning I went to Venice, it’s next to Santa Monica, but there is a different vibe over here. Venice is known as a hangout for the creative and the artistic. It was not very crowded because it was monday, so I was able to make some pictures! Later on I went to the Abbot Kinney blvd for lunch en made a walk the Venice Canals. I love all these happy colors!

Venice Beach and The Venice Boardwalk – A very populair place in LA for hippies, artists, skaters and crazy people.

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Abbot Kinney blvd – Abbot Kinney has some of the city’s best boutiques, galleries, restaurants and bars. There was even a store called LF :) I also discovered another healthy lunch bar; Lemonade!

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Venice Canals Walway – This was a lovely place to walk around after the crowded Venice Boardwalk. The houses are very special and the most of them have a cute garden too.

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