California Dreaming

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.. California, Los Angeles, I can’t describe how happy I am to be here for a few months. I love the vibe, the kind people and all the things you learn by traveling alone. Before I came here I didn’t prepare anything, except the apartment, and within a week I met interesting people and visit model agencies so I could organize the photo shoots. It’s a great feeling to go in a plane for 11 hours with your camera and portfolio and you are able to capture beautiful models and have fun with people from all over the globe. I’m thankful!

Photographer Stefanie Vinsel captured me while I was shooting her at this amazing location in MT Baldy. Have a look at her portraits too!

liselottefinal-(15-of-30) liselottefinal-(17-of-30) liselottefinal-(4-of-30) liselottefinal-(1-of-30) liselottefinal-(10-of-30) liselottefinal-(28-of-30) liselottefinal-(30-of-30) liselottefinal-(13-of-30) liselottefinal-(26-of-30) liselottefinal-(25-of-30) liselottefinal-(24-of-30)

photography: Stefanie Vinsel