Cali Sunsets

During the road trip to Joshua Tree National Park with Kelsey (more about the trip in this post) she told me she was interred in buying a good camera and learn the photography basics. After I captured her in a few different outfits I changed from a shorts, a top and hiking shoes I changed myself to this red comfy dress and borrowed a beautiful necklace from Kelsey. I walked around while she tried out her photography skills!

And yes, I got my nose pierced! The upcoming weeks I have to wear this bigger ring during the healing proces (what I don’t like) but I can’t wait to change it to the smaller ring so it will be way more subtle. It’s very Californian and I am always in for some (temporary) changes and experiments :) And I removed my tragus (ear)piercing so it won’t be ‘to much’.

Back to the photos. I LOVE THE GOLDEN LIGHT. I dreamed about this trip for many years and it’s so unbelievable it is al happening right now!

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photography: Kelsey Rae